Bright Horizons Window Cleaning FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Are you insured?

Yes, most importantly we are fully insured, licensed, and bonded.

Will you take your shoes off when working on the insides of my windows?

Yes, we ALWAYS leave our shoes at the door when entering residential properties. We are a cleaning company that intends to keep the window, as well as it's surroundings as clean as possible.

If I am having the interior windows cleaned, do I need to move furniture or anything away from the windows?

No, our service professionals are trained and always prepared for obstacles. We can and will move anything in our obstruction before washing the window. After the window is clean, we carefully place anything moved in the process back how we found it. We take extreme care and caution while moving your delicate and fragile items. You do not need to prepare for us, we'll prepare for you.

Can you clean high interior window, for example 2nd story high ceiling windows?

Absolutely, we can wash high interior windows located on high ceilings, foyer windows, palladian windows, and great room windows. Our ladders will not scuff your hardwood or damage your carpets. We clean off our ladders every time we come inside to ensure your white carpets are safe!

Do you clean the window sills too?

Yes, we do dust off the window sills.

Does Bright Horizons Window Cleaning still come out if it's raining?

Although it may not be a bright horizon, yes we still can come out to wash the windows. We generally will still come out when it is raining as long as we can get to all of the windows safely. If we decide the weather will most likely be unsafe you will receive a call prior to us coming out. We put a window guarantee on our window washing services that they will look great after it rains. But most importantly, we do always leave the decision up to you the customer.

If I decide to replace my windows, are there any brands you would suggest?

Anderson, Marvin, Pella, & Peachtree are among the best. Although they may be much more expensive, a lot of the higher end brands and models do last much longer than others. 

Do you install windows?

No, we do not install windows. If you need windows installed, replaced, or tinted we may be able to lead you to a reliable service professional in your area that can.

Do you service my area?

We provide service throughout Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Hunterdon County, Mercer County and other areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. To search for your location click here. If you are unsure if we cater to your location please feel free to call or email us.

If your question was not on our list, please contact us and we will gladly answer any and all questions you may have regarding our window washing services.

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