Our Services

Your expert window washers specializing in commercial & residential window cleaning. We offer inside and out washings as well as outside only washings.

Clean Foyer and Palladian Windows

We carefully clean any high or hard to reach windows including foyer and palladian style windows.

Skylight Cleaning

We clean skylights inside and out. Let the sun shine in.

Chandelier Cleaning

We clean each and every crystal and/or piece of glass separately with our solution, towels, and chamois to provide maximum light. We also check each light bulb to ensure all are working.

Clean Storm Windows

We can take apart and clean all different types of storm windows, from new to the oldest farm house window.

Screen Cleaning

We clean screens individually with soap and water.

Light Fixture Cleaning

We also clean light fixtures inside and outside of the property. Lamposts, Patio Lights, etc. 

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Bright Horizons Window Cleaning
P.O. Box 3333Warminster, PA18974US
Phone: (215) 470-6107 Website: www.brighthorizonswindowcleaning.com